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Save Big On Your Electricity Bills Using Solar Energy

With the rising prices of power, or an urge to go green, or a little bit of both, people are constantly switching to the renewable sources of energy. One of the most efficient ways to save electricity bill is solar energy. The solar panels can cut your electricity bill by 50 to 90 percent. Research conducted by Department of Energy says that solar electric system meets nearly all the needs of an energy efficient home.

Cost of installation

The average cost of a two-kilowatt solar panel is around $18,000 including installation. Cheaper alternatives are there, but those cheaper PV systems hardly cut any electricity costs. If you are looking to install a five-kilowatt solar panel that meets all the energy needs of a conventional house, can cost around $30,000 to $40,000. If you can afford the initial cost of installation of panels, then it is a good idea to install solar panels in your home. There is 30% tax break in place—for the betterment of the environment, and also for your wallet. We pay $170 per month on electricity bills before switching to solar with Euro Solar Group, and the PV system was able to cut our energy cost by 3/4.

Ways to save electricity bill using solar energy

Solar Power is a renewable source of energy and is infinite. So, there is no chance of its depletion. If you are really into saving money, then there are many ways to reduce your electricity bills going solar.

Use solar panel

Solar panels are designed in such a way that they absorb light coming from the sun and charge the batteries. Solar panels make use of the photovoltaic cell. Then we can power up our devices through the batteries charged by the solar panels. The power output of these batteries is compatible with almost all household appliances.

Solar air conditioning

Solar air conditioning is the air conditioning done using solar power. This can be achieved by a passive solar conversion and photovoltaic conversion which means to convert sunlight into electricity. It is assumed that solar air conditioning would play a crucial role in the zero-energy target in the future.

Solar powered reading lamp

A solar powered reading lamp harnesses the light from the sun, and it can be used later when you need it. It also consists of a USB port so you can charge your phone if your phone’s battery is about to die. It’s compatible and is easy to carry.

Solar wireless keyboard

A solar powered wireless keyboard consists of a battery which can be charged when exposed to sunlight. The Logitech K750 contains a set of photovoltaic cells on the top edge to absorb solar energy, and once fully charged it works for up to 3 months. It also has software that displays battery’s status.

Use other products powered by sunlight or through electricity generated by solar panels

Here are some of the devices that are powered by sunlight or through electricity generated by solar panels. Make use of these devices as much as you can.

  • Solar charger
  • Solar calculator
  • Solar chimney
  • Solar cooker
  • Solar dryer
  • Solar LED lamp The list goes on and on. There are many other products that can be used with sunlight.

Controlling Your Electricity Costs With Solar Power

When you install the solar panels may see a significant drop in your electricity bill. The amount of electricity bill you save, however, depends on the size of the solar panels you’ve installed and the amount of electricity you consume. Installing solar panels give you instant and immediate benefits, and you will start getting minimal bills every month.
solar power

Offsetting Your Electricity Bills

If your solar panel generates more energy than your family can immediately consume, then the extra energy produced flows back to your utility grip making your electricity meter spins backwards. There are even some utility companies that pay you for this extra electricity your solar panel has produced.

Your solar power system produces more energy in the peak hours i.e. in the middle of the day when the sun is right up above. Normally the utility rates are higher at this time. This can bring extra benefits to you as you can sell the excess energy produces by your solar panel and make extra income.

How Much You Can Save?

In the long run, you’ll be saving lots of money. It is important to take a look at the long term picture while we’re trying to evaluate how much savings a solar panel will bring to our home. Energy rates are increasing at an enormous rate every year.

An average household can save over $1000 per year on electricity by installing solar panels on their roof. Those conclusions are made including the cost of installation as well. The energy expenses are expected to rise each year due to rising utility rates. Solar energy is a modular technology. That means you can install as many panels as you want. The installation of each new solar panel will bring you extra savings.

Other Additional Benefits

Well, it is clear now that you make savings on your electricity bills easily by using renewable sources of energy, but the thing is; you are not only saving money. There are many other benefits of using solar energy as it is a renewable source of energy. Some of the benefits are:

  • You are saving the planet by going green.
  • Solar panels do not produce noise.
  • Solar energy is infinite, and it will not be depleted.
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Electricity generated by the fossil fuels release toxic and harmful substances such as greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide.

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How my garden saved me money on Halloween?

Halloween preparation, decorations and parties are over but my excitement remains because today in this post I will be sharing you how my garden saved me money on Halloween!

Turn your garden into a spooky yard – this sounds really exciting, isn’t it?

Well we all know Halloweens are fun and scary. It’s one tradition I don’t skip celebrating. And it always feels so great to see how your neighborhood plans to decorate their places with life-sized ghosts, expensive inflatable decorations, plastic pumpkins and costly halloween costumes. But the truth is we don’t have to spend that much on a Halloween. We can use our raised garden bedsand use timber and vegetable to decorate it.

Well, during the previous years, I always end up spending money decorating my home on Halloweens; I love the idea of having guests with goose bumps as they enter my place. I always without exception celebrate Halloween even when I was single—it kinda bring out the child in me and now that I am married with three little kids around loose, I always find a way to distract them with my attractive house decorations. I enjoy the looks of my guests as they examine what my decorations are made of; it seems intriguing in their part, I believe. You don’t really have to be very creative when doing your Halloween decorations, all you need is extra time to do it on your own and maybe a little help from your hubby (if he is willing), of course not all husbands are into this kinda stuff but wait till you see their reaction when they see your Halloween bash!

So the next time you throw a bash or just want to amaze your neighbors and those little trick-and-trickers, decorate your place with a style with these amazing Halloween ideas:

  1. Let’s start with the floating ghosts- this one is the easiest. Just get old white bed sheets cut into at least 3 pieces and paste 2 small oval or triangular-shaped eyes made of black painted cardboard in each sheet to make it look creepy. Then, you will need to also have at least 3 bottles of soda—the big ones (1.5 liters empty bottles). Upside down, cover the bottles with the old white bed sheets, get 3 sticks longer than the bottles and stick it on the ground then put the bottles upside down and there you go—3 floating ghosts in your garden! Scared? Wait till you see the tarantulas crawling on my wall!
  2. Tarantulas on the wall- All you need is a black board (or an old box), cut into 4 or 6 pieces and then draw some tarantulas, if you are using an old box, paint it in black first and cut it out following the shape of a tarantula. Using a string or thread, hang it around your garden tress, some on the bushes.
  3. Make fake spider webs- spider web is always a part of Halloween decorations, it wouldn’t be complete without it. It’s ideal for scary Halloween party. So if you want to really have your guess screaming in fear next Halloween, make use of fake cobwebs, they are easy to do. What you need: cotton balls, aerosol and glue or a glue gun.
  4. Stretch your cottons to different sizes and piece them together (depending on where you would place it) using your hands, no need for a scissor. In my case I placed medium sized cobwebs on the walls and on my plants; it really looks so real, spray it with aerosol to make it a little resilient. Now, if you want your guess screaming “get it off me!” drape the cobwebs from one bush or tree to another. That will really be fun and thrilling to them especially if you attach some of your tarantulas.
  5. You can also be more creative by making your painted garden beds look like caskets. Whoa! If you have 3 or 4 garden beds, that’s just perfect! Decorate it with the fake cobwebs to make it more realistic; glue it from the bottom of the garden beds up to its plants or bushes. If you want it to be chilling, print mummy faces or zombie heads from the net and paste them on cardboards, then stick them on the upper part of your garden beds. Now that would really be very scary even for your adult guests.
  6. Traditional pumpkin- Next thing is the pumpkin; we can’t satisfy our eyes with the Halloween decorations without a pumpkin. I’m glad I don’t have to buy pumpkin because I actually have them right at my backyard. So I chose the biggest and some medium sized ones. The biggest pumpkin I had was bigger than basketball and it was big enough to do something worth occupying my time so I carved the scariest pumpkin face ever! The small ones were carved as “smiley” (you know for the kids). The trick and trickers were happy with it; they have this big smile on their faces on as they leave my place.
  7. Those mysterious eyes! - Another one that made my Halloween party really fascinating was my mysterious eyes décor. Good thing, I did not throw my toilet paper rolls, I have about ten of them ready for the season. I drew scary looking eyes and painted the toilet rolls black to make it really mysterious. All I needed was a pack of glow sticks and put 2 small looking eyes to each toilet roll. Lookin’ good, I pasted some of them on my glass window too to scare the kids and tucked some in my scrubs—making them scary looking plants. And so there you have it—a complete garden with pumpkin, floating ghost, cobwebs all over the place, spine-chilling looking caskets, mysterious eyes and oh those frightening tarantulas! They all made my Halloween party one of a kind this year! Not to mention, I have avoided costumes and I almost spent nothing.

So, you see, you can also do these do-it-yourself garden Halloween décor next Halloween. Enjoy the excitement of preparing and saving money while enjoying the fun of doing it. It’s cool and simple after all that’s how my garden saved me money on Halloween.

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